Use The Facts To Control The Process

Use the facts that you have defined and tested to control the process. The process that I am referring to here is the time before and including the presentation for a pay raise request but it applies in any other process for improving yourself and influencing others just as well. The facts by themselves may not be obvious and persuasive so we will use emotions to add emphasis to the facts.
The key is to know that people, and that includes you, operate on opinions and emotions far more than facts. With that in mind and a firm grasp of the facts you get to choose the opinion and the correlating emotions that you introduce into your pursuit of your desired goal.
The facts mixed with emotion and focused in a particular directions is the best way to create an opinion that stands up to scrutiny and creates momentum in the desired direction. Stated another way, we want to feed the facts to the boss but we are going to add a little desire along with the obvious “best action” option laid out for them to accept.
When you are introducing opinion that is in-favor of your desired goal you need to identify what emotions best fit your audience as well as the subject matter. Think of when you have to deliver bad news to someone. You would not do it with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. You would lower your voice and with compassion in your body language as well as your words, deliver the facts with the proper amount of detail. If you had to tell someone that their pet was hit by a car you would avoid the details of the torn flesh, blood and gore. Rather, you would carefully explain that the pet did not suffer and is not in any pain. The facts can be delivered so that the person receiving the information is informed and swayed in the direction you want them to move.  If done with no concern for the receiving party you will lose the ability to focus their next step and possibly alienate the person even though the facts are accurate.
When you match the emotion to the fact the next step is to direct your boss to the desired next step. The way to do that is with subtle yet obvious options that fit with their desires as well as yours. The Salary Step Up Series goes into more specifics regarding this. In this post I want to point you to the critical aspect of considering the facts and desired action from the perspective of your boss. Your boss can be influenced subconsciously by their own needs, drives and desires if you can just fire those up a bit. Consider that your boss wants to increase production so that they can meet their needs of providing for their family, self-esteem, sense of purpose, sense of accomplishment and many others. You need to identify a few of these desires and match your facts with the emotional links to their desires and provide the action they will want to take to satisfy that need. The action they take can be directed by the opinion that you create that clearly indicates that the best action is the one that you are proposing.
The consideration of what makes your boss tic may seem overwhelming but just think about what motivates you and those you are close to. Your boss may have a different way of expressing their motivations but at the core is the same basic needs that everyone has.
Start the process with identifying the facts, the boss’s desires and your desired outcome. Once you have those pieces lace them together with the emotions and opinion that motivates your boss to see the problem and solution from your point of view. You will have more success with this technique if you start early and build slowly so that the technique is not discovered or exposed by pushing to hard on the emotional buttons.


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