Reading Recommendation

If you really think about it, books are amazing.

They are low-cost ways to vastly improve your knowledge and expertise.

Just to be ultra clear, when I use the term book I am using that as an generalization for “reading a work by an author”. With the advent of mobile phones and tablets you can now take books and knowledge with you everywhere.

I have to admit that I’ve learned alot from books.

They have been irreplaceable to me. That being said, I wanted to share some of the most influential books that I’ve read and re-read on a regular basis.

TopGrading by Brad Smart – TopGrading has become so popular as a form of hiring that it’s actually created it’s own language. I’ve had jobs in the past where folks have said, “I’m TopGrading with that Rick guy this week”. This is a proven method of hiring that involves heavy interaction with someone to make sure they are a good fit for the company. If you are going to be managing people or you are going to be doing any hiring in your company, this is a MUST HAVE for you to read and reference in the future.

The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz – This book was a major breakthrough for me in leveraging my work day and creating routines (or “rituals”) around the things that add the most value to my employer and my business. Jim and Tony teach in a way that is easy to understand and that is incredibly effective from the standpoint of getting lots of VERY important stuff done in a short amount of time. I think that everyone who is interested in evolving themselves should read this book.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – This is the “granddaddy” of them all. This simple little book has a ton of history behind it and has proven time and time again to be some of the most valuable real-estate on the book shelf. With it’s deceptive title “Think and Grow Rich” chronicles Napoleon Hill as he speaks to hundreds and hundreds of ultra-successful folks and synthesizes over 25 years of research into a single book. This is a classic and “must read” for anyone who wants to evolve in their career.

How To Win Friends and Influence People (in the Digital Age) by Dale Carnegie is undoubtedly the “bible” of how to get along with people. Everyone who wants a career, people to listen to them or to “make it” in the real world should read this book. Dale Carnegie passes along sage advice that has stood the test of time and even applies today. This new adaptation is required reading for anyone asking for a raise at work.

The Art of Readable Writing and The Art of Plain Talk by Rudolph Flesch – In just about any job you are going to need to communicate using writing. It doesn’t matter if it’s long diatribe, thesis papers or just plain old “shift reports”. The way we communicate with each other through writing is very important to your success on the job. These two books by Rudolph Flesch explain how to write in a way that is reliable and understandable, while at the same time being professional and getting your point across. Anyone who uses written communication in their job should read and own these books.

How To Argue and Win Every Time by Gerry Spence –  A classic negotiation book that uses aspects of NLP and re-framing to get you to be understood in important conversations. If you enjoyed Steps 9 & 10 from the Salary Step-Up Series, you are going to love this book. It goes into greater depth and has really helped me get a handle on Negotiating skills.

I will be adding new books over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, do me a favor.

If you’ve read any of these books and like or dislike them, please let me know.

I’m always open to suggestions and comments to bring you the best information about getting a raise at work.

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