Leveraging Knowledge – How To Get Skills that Lead to A Raise at Work

Let’s face it… no one get’s a raise at work for doing nothing. Sure, some employers will give you a salary increase for seniority or just being around at the company for a long time, but that’s just “carrot and stick” thinking. If you don’t like to “bet” or put […]


3 Ways to get a raise in the knowledge economy

3 Ways to Get A Raise in the Knowledge Economy

In my last post I talked about your soft assets and why they are important to understand. I also spoke about how you are going to use your soft assets to sell yourself. Before that I spoke about how to know what you are worth. With this in mind, I […]

Turning Soft Assets Into A Raise At Work 1

In my previous post I talked about finding what you were worth at work. And what came from that is that you found an “average” of the high end of the pay scale and the low end of the pay scale. With that in mind, your next direct task is […]

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Handshake for Getting The Salary You Deserve

What You Are Worth… at Work! 2

There is no doubt that your job and career are a huge part of your life. After your Family and your Healthy, it’s probably the most important thing to you. That’s why I created this blog, along with my website called SalaryStepUp.com. I have found some powerful and important tools […]