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We all deserve more… and because work is a huge part of your life it can’t be ignored.

There is a good chance that you are underpaid… and that you should be getting more money in your pocket every month from your job.

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If you want to mentally prepare yourself for what you are about to learn, here are the subjects in the actual “steps” you’ll be getting in your inbox:

Step 1: Overview and Introduction
Step 2: How To Understand The Process
Step 3: Observations and Questions
Step 4: Evaluation Questions
Step 5: Identifying Needs
Step 6: Goals and Planning
Step 7: Environment
Step 8: Skills
Step 9: Negotiation
Step 10: Negotiating Strategies and Tactics
Step 11: Communication
Step 12: Rapport
Step 13: Influencing Others
Step 14: Perspective Shifting, Understanding Different People
Step 15: Alternatives To Cash
Step 16: Plan “B”
Step 17: Negotiating Pay For A New Job
Step 18: Increase Your Value
Step 19: Self-Image and Attitude
Step 20: Fear and Emotions
Step 21: Presenting Evidence
Step 22: Practice Practice Practice
Step 23: Take Action

Each step dives deep in to the subject and gives you almost an unfair advantage when approaching your boss for a salary increase because you will be prepared, practiced and  know the exact words to say.

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