Fear of Failure


I find that a large number of the comments that I receive are based around fear of failing. These comments range from what to do if my request is rejected to what if my request causes my boss to get rid of me. These are all valid concerns but the focus is in the wrong place. The questions should be directed at the internal opposition first. The fear that you feel is your internal opposition or stated differently it is your subconscious trying to protect you from harm. The best way to address this fear is to separate the fact from the false assumption and false predictions. You need to determine if this concern of failure is based on fear of embarrassment or loss of your job or any number of things but is it real and what would be the real effect if you did experience one of those.


You can fail by trying and not getting what you wanted and you can fail by not trying or giving up before you really committed yourself to the task. The way I look at it, there is no shame in trying and falling short but living with the doubt and self degrading aspect of not trying is worse than the actual effects of trying.


I actually try to stay away from using the word failure. To me the word implies a permanence that is just not accurate. For most of the things that we describe as failures are merely evidence of one way that something did not work. If you consider an attempt at trying to achieve something as a test or an experiment you will see the results without the sting of permanence attached to it.


You get to decide when the to stop and when you do that prematurely you will have to live with the doubt of what could have been. When you decide to stop based on achievement or in light of new facts you will live with satisfaction and contentment.


Use your fear or anxiety to warn you of a possible loss but never let it keep you from taking well though out calculated risks to better yourself. You will find that fear usually evaporates in the process of taking action. Please don’t give up before you even try.

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