2 Essential Things to Start Your “GET A RAISE” Project

Getting a new project started can be daunting. Especially if that project is to get a pay raise. The fear of the unknown is often what holds us back from trying new things and taking chances.
Add to that mix the emotions that we all feel regarding our finances concerns of job security and going after a pay raise can easily get put off month after month.
You are not going to let your fears or doubts get in your way this time though, are you? I will assume you said NO!  So here is what you need to do to kick this process into gear.
There are two things that will help you get the project going and headed in the right direction. Those are choosing a goal and gathering the facts.
Let me expand on that:
First know where you are and where you want to be.
Start with looking inward and ask yourself what you want. This part should involve dreaming about what you want your job to be like in a perfect world. Take the image of this ideal job and jot down the key points. Separate the key points of your ideal job by the ones you have now and the ones that you want to obtain. From that list prioritize the ones you don’t have yet and give preference to those that would have the biggest impact both professionally and personally. Continue designing the ideal job, including it’s pay and benefits until you have created a clear goal that you can focus your attention on.
After you have an idea of what you want, take an inventory of your knowledge of what the same position would entail including pay somewhere else and what it pays at your current employer. To find the income statistics for a particular job description look on line for websites that address salary as well as industry specific sites that will give greater detail. Now ask in light of these facts how does your current pay compare with the industry average, inside your company and with a similar position with your direct competitors. Also how does your production and responsibilities compare.
The next step in this formula is to know the facts to the issue you are addressing. So what do you know and what do you need to learn.
There is a great big universe out there but we don’t need to know everything, just the parts that effect this issue. You will determine the boundaries of the issue. Also you will need to identify the persons that you will have to interact with in the process.
Start with a list of what facts you know and as you think about the issue any questions that come to mind. For example you know what you make currently and you know when you got your last raise but do you know what the industry average is for your job and what your competitors are paying for the same job?
With a rough list started dive into the search for facts that answer your questions. What do you want to make and is that considered reasonable, high or low for your industry. The list will continue to grow as you explore and discover more information. The boundaries are often self defining and you will recognize them as you do your research.
This process will help you to create your opinion of the situation based on facts and not just emotions. Once you know clearly where you are you can chart a course to your destination.
The more high quality information you have the easier the journey will be and you will arrive at your desired destination successful and wealthier in many ways.
Getting started is more about getting out of your own way than anything else these simple steps are intended to get you moving but more than anything they are to get you out of your own way and focused on a goal that you want and deserve.
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