Getting The Confidence To Ask For A Raise

For some people confidence is easy and that may be due to the way they were raised or just the way their brain is wired.   But for most of us confidence is something we need to nurture and develop. The way we can gain confidence is to build on […]



2 Essential Things to Start Your “GET A RAISE” Project

Getting a new project started can be daunting. Especially if that project is to get a pay raise. The fear of the unknown is often what holds us back from trying new things and taking chances. Add to that mix the emotions that we all feel regarding our finances concerns […]

Fear of Failure

  I find that a large number of the comments that I receive are based around fear of failing. These comments range from what to do if my request is rejected to what if my request causes my boss to get rid of me. These are all valid concerns but […]


render of a four step lifecycle flow chart

Use The Facts To Control The Process

Use the facts that you have defined and tested to control the process. The process that I am referring to here is the time before and including the presentation for a pay raise request but it applies in any other process for improving yourself and influencing others just as well. […]

Mailbag: Changing Industries!

Dear Rick, I work for a small family owned business in Illinois and have successfully obtained a pay raise using your program although it was not as much as I had hoped. I like my job and employer but I feel like the company is not keeping pace with the […]



How To Properly Evaluate – Good Choices For Your Career

In this post I will share something that is the foundation of making good decisions. This is also an entire step in the Salary Step Up Series. I am talking about evaluation of information. Evaluation is a critical part of any process when you want to build a case for […]

Negotiation Attitude

The best defense is a good offense. When you negotiate you can build your defensive and offensive foundations simultaneously with the right attitude. You need many items for a good result in your negotiations but all of them are strengthened and weakened by your attitude.   Think of it this […]

tug of war


Dealing With A Bully Boss

  If your boss is someone that likes to bully or force their opinions upon others. My advice is usually to look past what they are saying and try to figure out why they act the way they do. Most people that have a aggressive and domineering personality have weak […]

How and When To Use Calm Strength In A Negotiation

There are many techniques that work well in negotiations. Knowing the ones that are adaptable to your specific negotiation is a bit of a puzzle that I want to help you solve. In this blog I will teach you about one of my favorite techniques. The take-away is a negotiation […]



Why Multi-Tasking Will PREVENT You From Getting A Raise at Work

The biggest time-robber during your work day is “multi-tasking”. Multi-tasking might work for a little while (and it’s unavoidable in some situations), but it’s ineffective in the long run. Why? Because you aren’t able to focus your attention and work on the details of important things. When you don’t focus, […]